About Me

I’m two parts angry lunatic, one part major nerd, then add a dash of sarcasm.

This blog is primarily about my catastrophic dating life, but I like to throw a curveball in there once in a while and write about something else that may have crossed my mind. You’ll probably notice the deliberately bitchy tone but try not to take everything I say to heart.

Despite the fact that my love life is a long string of epic failures, it’s kind of what makes life interesting. I don’t feel comfortable making the right decision until I’ve made all the wrong ones first. I take full responsibility for the problems I create– I’m aware that I bring them upon myself but the alternative option is to quit dating men and where would the fun be in that?

Though I have not discovered the secret to a successful relationship, I have managed to live through all my break-ups and grow from each experience. I am happy, single, and happy to be single. I’m a happy single. Contrary to popular belief, a “happy single” is not an oxymoron, nor a mythological creature. We walk amongst you and co-exist peacefully (even on Valentine’s Day); however, this doesn’t exempt me from the ongoing struggle in the battle between the sexes.

I like to write about anything that allows me to let my creative juices flow, especially when it involves my opinion. I’m probably the least qualified person to discuss anything short of grammatical errors and the common cold– in fact, you may think I’m downright stupid– but I still like to talk about anything with anyone who is willing to listen. And if I can’t find someone to talk to, I write. Nothing I write about is particularly profound or perhaps even relevant to anyone, but I hope you find it interesting enough to make it through an entire post.


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